Supply any information you may think is relevant, such as size. Specific colors you would like.
And for whatever sake, if you can't picture what two inches may look like, ask prior to purchasing tiny horns. 
AND, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS I AM SENDING IT TO IS THE CORRECT ONE. There is no logical way for me to send it it an incorrect address, as YOU are the one that supplies the address. PERIOD!

1:Most asked

Information: No returns, No exchanges. Contact me about care or lost in mail items (ONLY if they went to a paypal verfiered address) READ all of my FAQS!

PLEASE take note of the size of the horns BEFORE buying. I measure from base to tip. When I say small I mean small. DO NOT order them and then say they are TOO small. READ the description. When I say something it itty bitty teeny tiny, that is flipping small. I cannot describe extra small any better than that.
*If not sure what 1-2 inches will look like... Take a ruler, place your finger on the 1" mark, put it on your head, in front of a mirror.*
Each item is hand made to specifications. If you require a special size or something like that, please contact me. Each item is hand painted and as such is one of a kind. No two I make are exactly alike. *I do not accept returns or exchanges for those reasons.*


Shipping is based on overall size, weight, destination. I use CALCULATED shipping from USPS based on the LARGEST size I offer. I will REFUND overage, AFTER item is purchased and I can weigh, measure, and know the destination. Discount NOT applied to rush orders. I will not refund rush orders shipping overage.

If you have problems with your order, contact me. I will help you locate it, but it is your responsibility to contact your local postal office to find our why they may be holding it. If your package got damaged in the mail, I will send you the link for you to file a claim with your local post office.

3:Fit and Materials


When I say something is foam, it is hand carved, a stabilizing wire is carefully placed inside to allow for the curve and manipulation by my husband for creating the horn. They are layered in smoothing material, sanded, then coated in neoprene rubber. This process usually takes two sessions, 2-5 days of drying time. Painting and sealing is another few days, THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING TIME, THAT IS UP TO WHAT YOU CHOOSE AS SHIPPING MEHTOD. 

They are not your typical foam. Each foam type horn is HANDMADE and ONE OF A KIND sculpture. They remain semi-flexile, BUT, do not bend, it may cause the paint to crack.


Some of our masks with horns get very big, however they tend to weigh less than 1 pound. The way we balance these masks is with carefully placed hemp cord with cord locks. Keeping the strings above the ears is key. The masks will flop if this is not done. Have a friend help if the issue remains. It means the cords are not snugged up in the right spot.

******Wearing the mask******
I add comfort placed padding. If you wear glasses, let me know the shape and I will add extra padding so you can keep your glasses on.
Putting the mask on. Bigger masks, my husband's trick is: place the mask on your face while leaning back, cinch up the strings with the cord locks, keeping both sets of strings above the ears. The ears are the anchors.

4:other information

Packaging materials/shipping

I recycle as much as possible, this may include boxes, foam, styrofoam, bubblewrap, newspaper, and varying types of kraft paper.


Creation time varies greatly.
I can do rush orders. Email me FIRST. if I do not respond, it went to spam, contact me through Etsy.
We need a certain amount of time to create, paint, and seal each item. It is myself and my husband that do ALL the work and shipping.
Even with a rush order, it may be needed for you to purchase expedited shipping to give us the most time we can have to create your item quickly.
The monies from the expedited shipping cover being bumped up to the top of the list. If it is a big difference once completed and weighed and all that, I will refund some of the overage, depending on the circumstances.

I cannot do custom orders from 9/20 to 10/31.
Email me for taking a number ;-)

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