WHO IS HawkEye Masks?  

We are a husband and wife team. We make everything by hand. Hand sculpted, hand painted, handmade, you get the idea. We share our home with 4 cats, and 2 dogs.

PLEASE READ our FAQs prior to ordering.  Please email prior to purchase.

Jen does the hand sculpting with clay part, and then casts them with silicone rubber, and then hand paints the resin casting, each mask is made to order. Dale trims and sands, as well as making all of the huge horns. 

HawkEyeMasks.com was brought to life by an event for our local animal charity groups. It was a masquerade ball. So, I decided I would make ours. Several years later, here we are. I now use wax clay to sculpt with and urethane resin to cast.
Hand sculpted and hand painted to order. I use clay to sculpt with. We use two types of casting materials, as well as finished piece materials. Most of our masks will be made of a semi-durable plastic. Each is hand painted, and one of a kind. Each is unique. The mask is made to order. Generally it takes us 5-12 days to make them. We can do rush orders on some of our styles, contact us for details prior to ordering. Our masks are made from semi-impact-resistant materials to keep them from breaking, they are NOT rated to protect. They are not indestructible. Handle with care. *Keep away from heat. If it does get hot, let cool before handling and don't flex it til it has had time to cool. Keep out of extended periods of time in hot cars or direct sunlight these can weaken it and cause it to crack if flexed when it is too hot.

I base my prices on materials and time. As such, prices can and will change without notice, depending on the cost of materials. 

Some of our masks can be made quickly, others can take 2 weeks or more to create. Contact us prior to ordering if on a tight deadline.

We share our home with five spoiled kitties and 3 happy dogs. These fellas are the reasons we do what we do. To keep them happy and well fed. Thank you for buying handmade.

*I measure my horns from base to tip. PLEASE note size BEFORE ordering. I measure in inches. If you are unsure about the size, please check a standard size US ruler to get a better idea of approximate size prior to ordering.

I use calculated shipping on my items. If you are wanting several masks, contact me for a custom listing to combine shipping. If shipping is high, I will correct the overages, after I have had time to calculate the combined rate. Thank you!

Whimsical wearable handmade made to order masquerade ball costume masks.
We do take custom orders/ Commissions. Please plan at least 2 months out from when you need the mask in hand if you are overseas. If you are in the US, please plan about a month from time you need masks in hand. Some masks do take a minimum of 2 weeks or longer to make.

* I will NOT copy someones art or sculpture. If it is copyright protected I will not touch it. Don't bother asking.

* I am on a very special site for a very special cause.
A percentage of my sales that come from this site for this event will go to the Rainforest Conservation Fund.

My parents handmade interactive cat exercise toy, they make these by hand. 
Please give them a look: www.etsy.com/people/whirlybirdoriginal

*ORDER DEADLINES. Some of our masks can be made quickly, however some could take a week or more. Please check with Jen prior to ordering.
Our masks are hand sculpted before being molded and cast in a lightweight but durable material. This item is made to order. Please allow at least 1 week for your mask to be created.

For international orders, Please understand that international packages may take several weeks to arrive once shipped, depending on the customs process, and you are ordering at your own risk if you're trying to get an item before Halloween. Special note. I can insure it at it's paid price, however you will be charged for it to get to you by your government and or postal services. I can decrease the value amount for shipping, however YOU will assume ALL responsibilities if it is damaged in transit. Allow at a minimum of 3 weeks prior to when you need it by. Expedited shipping is available at an increased rate.

My other Fantasy art Cats and costume horns are found here: www.etsy.com/shop/mysticrealmsartist

My Husband, Dale and I live in Northwest Florida with our 5 cats, and 3 dogs.
Each is hand sculpted using clay. Then I cast them with silicone rubber and then I use a lightweight material to make my mask reproduction. I then use acrylic paint to paint my sculptures with. My husband is my go to guy for power tool work and other things. I use two types of casting materials, as well as finished pieces. The masks will be made of a lightweight plastic, or neoprene rubber. Each is hand painted, and one of a kind. This is a work of art, and as such treat it well and it will last. Treat it roughly it will break. It is not unbreakable, if you try to break it it will break. Handle with care. If left in a hot car for a time, let it cool before trying to wear it, it could crack. 
I can do custom orders as well. However I do not copy others works. Inspired by is one thing, such as my Cheshire cat mask. But that is as far as I will go. *I can do express international shipping, as well as quick make, on some of my masks. If you need it very quickly, please contact me prior to purchase to see if it is a possibility. 
The mask is made to order. (Neoprene rubber masks take 2 weeks.) Generally takes 5-10 days to make a mask. Some can take 1-2 weeks. If needed very quickly, contact me. US shipping usually takes 2-10 days, and international orders vary greatly, unless expedited, it can take over 1-3 weeks or more.

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